Six Sigma Recognition


Since 1990 Dr. Harry and been recognized by many institutions and prominent individuals for his contributions to the fields of engineering, management, and quality.

Mikel Harry, who is widely considered the foremost expert—if not inventor—of Six Sigma as we know it today.

—Dirk Dusharme
  Quality Digest Magazine

His work is quite frequently cited in literature, as well as in such notable books as Jack Welch's autobiography, Jack, Straight from the Gut. He is also frequently quoted in the media, such as in the October 31, 2002 article entitled Feds May Unleash Six Sigma on Terrorism. Dr. Harry has also been the subject of a feature article in Personal Success magazine, Quality Progress magazine and the international magazine The Globe and Mail Report on Business. In 1993, Dr. Harry was inducted into the Who's Who Registry of Global Business Leaders.